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The power of police officers is based on his ability to enforce the law. Although, the rules governing the duties of your officer change from country to country, their basic responsibilities don’t change. The term ‘police’ have their origin inside the Latin word ‘politia’, meaning, civil administration. The term, politia too, is really a derivative of a Greek word ‘polis’, interpreted as ‘city’ in English. Let’s understand the various duties of a police.

Duties of your Officer
The following is short account from the different duties of your officer.
Protecting the life and property of men and women is the prime responsibility of a officer. The legal system, in this case provides a support for that police. The laws and ordinances passed from the country helps him approach a challenge in the systematic manner.
Patrolling the area assigned to him is probably the duties of your police. During a routine patrol, the officer checks for any kind of violations of foibles.
Police officers also completes routine assignments delegated to him from the seniors officers. Which range from conducting interrogations to carrying out searches, the assignments may be varied anyway.
Answering complaints linked to criminal activities and accidents also comes underneath the purview of the officer.
Handling the situation at the crime scene is yet another crucial task with the police officer. Collecting evidence related to the crime, investigations, witnesses and many such activities really are a a part of a police officer’s duty. Police officers offer first-aid to people injured in accidents including car crashes. They must obtain written statements in the drivers of these vehicles. To eliminate the wreckage from the spot of an accident and handling the readers are the duty with the traffic police.
The authorities need to escort prisoners during their trials. Relaying the criminal to and from legal court is one of the risky jobs handled by police officers.
The game of ‘community policing’ exercised from the police helps in keeping a wristwatch on criminal activities and developing a safe atmosphere inside the society.
The police officers need to take care of the custody of evidences, property and records obtained in criminal cases.
In few countries, the authorities are required to intervene in criminal activities even when they’re not ‘on duty’.
Law enforcement need to tackle emergency situations as an outbreak of fire, with all the support of fire brigades.
Controlling mobs during riots is probably the important task for cops. The mobs could become destructive occasionally, and looking after law and order in such situations becomes very crucial.
Those who commit minor crimes are reprimanded by police. They may penalize the offenders by issuing citations. Citation is a type of summon, issued ‘on the spot’ i.e., in which the crime occurs. In case there is violation of traffic rules, law enforcement have the to impose an excellent.
Law enforcement may assist those who face a car breakdown. People who face emergency medical situations can take the help of police officers by dialing helpline numbers. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is surely an emergency medical treatment provided to victims of cardiac arrest. In several countries, cops are been trained in CPR.
Police behave as guards during rallies, processions and important gatherings. Sometimes, law enforcement must provide security to VIPs. The VIPs may need peace of mind in life-threatening situations.
Park rangers will be the police who take care of the safety of national parks. They need to provide security to people visiting the parks as well as protect the animals from illegal poaching.
The police officers take care of the safety of airports as well as other public venues.
Inside a broad sense, we are able to say that cops keep the bad elements within the society away. They fight for maintaining peace and harmony. There are numerous forces on the planet, constantly attempting to disrupt the total amount in our social environment; they must be kept in check. Thus, you ought to not take the expertise of police as a given. Let’s salute them for the courage and responsibility they display in ensuring our safety!

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